Love in the Time of Corona

Fortunately, I am not the first person to think of this trite title. If this literary wink and nod is lost on you, it is in reference to Márquez' great book Love in the Time of Cholera. If you are looking for something to read while stuck at home, Cholera (ahem) would do you well. I loathe plot synopsis, so go read the damn book; it's clever to the point of painful coincidence how fitting this wordplay is beyond mere acoustics. I would also recommend News of a Kidnapping by him.1

Pop on over to your favorite search engine2 and enter the query "love in the time of corona." Be prepared to be greeted with thinkpieces all using COVID-19 as an opportunity to wax poetic about romance during times of crisis and how the 21st-century technology that you are addicted to can help with that conundrum. A little sampling of the hors d'oeuvres on offer:

Now we have n+1 word pits given that I have added my lack of wit and charm to the mix. Nevertheless, Dear Reader, I do promise there is method to this madness whatever. I want to highlight an article by Anna Shea of Amnesty International,5 as its message of solidarity and compassion is a welcome one. The piece itself is admittedly a bit superficial, opting to conclude with some feel-good vibes instead of underscoring the appalling response of Western countries — particularly the United States and Great Britain — to this crisis. Alas, you can't really expect an NGO, no matter how supposedly benevolent, to say the full truth.

But that doesn't matter. What matters is, as Anna writes, solidarity. The best time to get to know your neighbors was a month ago; the second best time is now.

Stay safe.